What is

BlogNog is a qualitative research platform which helps organizations to connect with their customers or employees. BlogNog™ is used to uncover people's feelings and experiences with the products and services they purchase or the jobs and careers they have. It is an online platform for people to express their innermost feelings, attitudes, and opinions about their relationships with different organizations and describe their real-life experiences. It provides a looking-glass into the hearts and minds of people and enables us to walk in their shoes and understand their perspectives.


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Who uses BlogNog?

BlogNog™ is used by anyone and everyone. Those who want to deeply understand people's thoughts, attitudes, and actions include:

  • Corporate-side Researchers
  • Advertising, Public Relations, and Brand Agencies
  • Employers
  • Qualitative research specialists
  • Research companies in marketing or human resources
  • Marketing And Management
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Where did
BlogNog come from?

BlogNog™ is the brainchild of Accelerant Research, a full service marketing research and consulting agency. The principals of Accelerant Research have spent their entire careers in marketing and HR research and have conducted hundreds of research studies in several different roles in many different industries. These researchers developed BlogNog™ which leverages blogging and social networking behavior with in-depth studies such as ethnographies and discussion forums/communities.

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