BlogNog Project Creator Refund Policy

Last updated&:& November 1, 2012.

This policy applies to all BlogNog purchases. Once a payment has been made for a BlogNog purchase, it is NOT refundable, except in the limited circumstances described in this policy.

Cancellation of your BlogNog project

If Accelerant Research cancels your BlogNog project without cause, Accelerant Research will issue you a Pro Rata Refund. “Pro Rata Refund” means, in this policy, a refund of fees paid for a BlogNog project purchase, pro-rated on the basis of the number of finished project assignments already provided to you, if any.   Capitalized terms used but not defined in this policy have the definitions appearing in the BlogNog project Customer Purchase Terms

Customer Purchase Terms

This policy applies to all BlogNog project purchases.  All projects that customers deploy through BlogNog must meet the requirements set forth in this policy, unless otherwise approved in writing by Accelerant Research.  This policy is important for maintaining a quality experience for our BlogNog participants, and ensuring that we can continue to provide quality results to all our BlogNog customers and constituents.

Accelerant Research will not launch a BlogNog project if we review it before launch and determine that it does not meet this policy. Accelerant Research may also suspend or cancel any BlogNog project in progress that we determine does not meet this policy.Accelerant Research will notify you if there is a content issue with your BlogNog project that we have detected and provide you with an opportunity to fix the problem before you re‐submit it for launch or resumption. If you are not sure whether a project you wish to deploy through BlogNog meets this policy, please check with us before you make a BlogNog project purchase and we will be happy to review your proposed project.

1. Survey content and structure

1.1 No collection of contact details.  Your BlogNog project may not collect contact information from your intended survey respondents.  Contact information includes email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses. If that information is needed, it must be obtained through methods that exist outside of BlogNog cyberspace.

1.2 No collection of sensitive information.  Your BlogNog project may not collect credit card information, passwords, social security numbers, or similar types of sensitive identifying information from your participants.

1.3 Prohibited content. Unless BlogNog has given you written approval, your BlogNog project may not&:& (a) relate to alcohol or tobacco products, if targeted towards participants below the legal age limit for consumption; (b) relate to or contain pornography; or (c) violate any of the user content restrictions in the BlogNog Terms of Use.

1.5 No marketing or recruitment activities. BlogNog is a service that is designed to assist our customers conduct projects.  It is not intended to be used primarily to directly market a product, service or concept to survey respondents.  

1.6 Participant complaints. If Accelerant Research receives negative feedback from participants about your BlogNog project, Accelerant Research will review such feedback. Your project may be suspended or cancelled if such feedback reveals that your project does not comply with this policy or the BlogNog Customer Purchase Terms.

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